Heroes III The Shadow of Death

Heroes III The Shadow of Death 1.0

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Shadow of Death is an expansion pack

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Shadow of Death is an expansion pack that includes the original game (Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Restoration of Erathia), does not include the Armageddon's Blade expansion, but includes most of its features such as the new neutral creatures. Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete is the best bundle as it includes the original and both expansions. One thing missing in Heroes III: Complete are some expansion campaign video clips.

-7 new campaigns with selectable difficulty level
-38 new stand-alone scenarios
-12 combination artifacts
-New teleport monolith sets and 7 new terrain overlays
-Map editor features mass cut, copy and paste
-Support for Logitech’s Wingman Force Feedback Mouse
-Changed unit stats for Lizardman, Serpent Fly, Angel and their upgrades
-Moats will now inflict a certain amount of damage (70 or 90 hit points) each and every turn you have a creature in them except for the Tower which has mines that inflict 150 damage once
-All Armageddon's Blade expansion features (see Armageddon's Blade Features page) except AB scenarios, AB campaigns, random map generator and the Elemental Conflux town

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